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She’s a fiend for love

Just like Sasquatch, no one has managed to take a clear picture of Zeus
It’s been almost a year since Japandroidsmania, meaning that Canada is currently on the lookout for for the Next Big Thing. Apparently many critics are nominating Zeus, seeing as the band is currently on the cover of both Exclaim! and NOW.

The Toronto pop rock outfit certainly has all of the right friends, performing as Jason Collett‘s backing band and getting signed to Broken Social Scene‘s Arts & Crafts label.

The band also has some catchy songs, including “Marching Through Your Head,” which is the lead single off the recently released LP Say Us. Its got a steady piano bounce and a chirpy melody that sounds like it was pulled directly out of the Paul McCartney songbook (post-Beatles, mind you). It’s a nice tune, but the squeaky-clean production means it comes out a little sterile—not quite the fire you’d hope for out of the Next Big Thing.

MP3: “Marching Through Your Head”
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