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Men who speak and follow through

Will Currie and the Collared Shirts
Long weekend! In the last three days I have:

-Turned 26.
-Seen five deer and two grizzly bears. Five of them were wild, two of them weren’t. Guess which ones.
-Had my backpack (containing a hoodie and iPod) stolen.
-Gone up that crazy wind turbine on Grouse Mountain.
-Seen Richard III at Bard on the Beach.
-Written a blog post about “Tommy Douglas,” a peppy and patriotric piano pop tune by Will Currie and the Country French. You’re reading it. Go to Exclaim! for more.

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The voice of God spillin’ out of my mouth

Only Will Currie (second left) was in on the joke
Novels will probably get labeled as a supergroup, although the band’s members are hardly megastars. A collaboration between Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club), Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffians), Will Currie (Will Currie and the Country French), Dean Marino (EX~PO) and Jason Sadlowski (Jay Sad), each songwriter contributed one track to the group’s self-titled EP, which is available now as a free download from their website.

“No Hard Feelings” is fronted by Graham Wright, and it covers similar stylistic territory to his folksy solo recordings. A saloon piano plunks along as Wright sings a wistfully nostalgic tribute to a friend who’s moving away. The song’s characters appear to be school friends, but it’s also possible that it’s a divorced father addressing his daughter, singing, “Say hello to the boys you kiss / When you turn sixteen / Show ‘em what you’re made of, kid / And give ‘em hell for me.”

MP3: “No Hard Feelings”
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