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Weed – “Tie to Everything You Own”

Weed has certainly gotten my attention with its first couple of releases. The latest is the fantastic Gun Control EP, which I reviewed for the Georgia Straight. It’s available on vinyl, although I’m rather partial to the cassette version that’s out through Green Burrito.

I’ve already posted the best song from the collection, so here’s the fuzz-laden “Tie to Everything You Own.”

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Weed – “Ben’s Tour”

Wonderfully fuzzy Vancouver act Weed is back with another EP. It’s called Gun Control and it’s out on May 19. Below, listen to the satisfyingly sludgy single “Ben’s Tour.” Don’t be fooled by the long intro and low-mixed vocals, this isn’t an instrumental.

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A better way to tell you that I don’t care

A love affair with Weed
Here’s another great cut from Vancouver’s Weed. This one is called “Eighty,” and it scales down the shoegaze noise (somewhat) in favour of winding guitar licks and a bubbly, infectious vocal line. If you turned Animal Collective‘s “Who Could Win a Rabbit” into a fuzz rock song, it would sound something like this.

This is the B-side of Weed’s upcoming seven-inch, due out August 11.

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I can treat her so much better

Weed smokes you
To start off your week right, here’s a gorgeously fuzzed-out shoegaze cut from Vancouver’s Weed. The tune is called “Release Party,” and its a seductively narcotic blend of buzzsaw guitars and blissed-out vocal harmonies. This would probably sound extra good after indulging in some of the band’s namesake. Summer’s here!

The song comes from the EP Down in the Valley, available from Bandcamp and on cassette via Orchid Tapes.

On a side note, the Polaris deadline is tomorrow. I’ll post my picks then.

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