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A door that is slammed in my face.

Planet Earth: Shallow Seas
Last year, I posted a song by Aidan Knight and wrote, “It takes guts to release a song with pauses this long.”

I could say the same thing about the new We Are the City single. Entitled “Morning Song,” there’s no shortage of dead air during the twelve-second a cappella passage near to the beginning. It’s a bold move that’s well played.

This comes from the upcoming Mourning Song/Morning Song 7″. Note the “u” in the A-side.

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I definitely didn’t get what I wanted

This looks suits you
Last year, I wrote about a band called High School, that dropped a few awesome home recorded tracks. Well, it turns out that High School isn’t a real band, but the dudes from We Are the City in disguise. Now, the guys have revealed their true identities and released an EP, fittingly titled High School.

When I first posted the track “Happy New Year,” I said that “the band would benefit greatly from some time in the studio.” Well, here it is. I previously said that it “begins with sunny, vaguely tropical riffs before morphing into a sparse, lo-fi rocker.” All of that still holds true except for the “lo-fi” part. Consider this potential fulfilled.

MP3: “Happy New Year”
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Tired of the constellations

Sitting is always better
The TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival is over, so I’m back in Vancouver and will recommence blogging as usual. Over the past ten days I’ve done a ton of blogging for Chevrolet On Scene, including reviews of around 50 bands and a bunch of interviews.

One especially memorable interview was with Kelowna’s We Are the City, the prog pop trio that won the $150,000 grand prize in the PEAK Performance Project earlier this year. The total conversation was only a little over 10 minutes, but it covered everything from a male model named Vick to sitting down while you pee.

Here’s We Are the City’s celestial new single, “Astronomers,” which starts off as a sombre piano ballad before transforming into a swirling noise freakout two minutes in.
MP3: “Astronomers”
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Let me clean my teeth and I’ll be right down

Leading the Greasers against the Socs
According to Wikipedia, British Columbian law states that a settlement must have 5,000 residents before it can be considered a city. Kelowna outfit We Are the City only has three members, so that probably constitutes false advertising. The group is made up of three pretty dudes (just look at them!) who play unabashedly pretty music, and their debut album, In a Quiet World, is due out on January 19.

“There Are Very Tiny Beasts in the Ground” is much less creepy than the title suggests, an atmospheric rocker with upbeat piano chords and a hygienic refrain of “Let me clean my teeth and I’ll be right down.” The payoff comes halfway through, when a percussive, bossa nova-style breakdown gives way to a dramatic, Coldplay-sized rock out.

MP3: “There Are Very Tiny Beasts in the Ground”
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