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Toro y Moi – “Say That”

Toro y Moi
Toro y Moi‘s new album is called Anything in Return and it features catchy electro tunes like this one, “Say That,” which contains some awesomely repetitive synth chords. Watch the wonderfully silly video below, and go to Exclaim! to read my interview with songwriter Chaz Bundick.

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It’s best that we forget

Not pine trees, but close enough
A little while back, I interviewed Toro y Moi mastermind Chaz Bundick for Color. At the time, he was in the middle of filming a video for “New Beat.”

Here’s that song. It’s a funky, electro-infused soul track that’s typical of the new album, Underneath the Pine. It’s a stellar disc, so kudos to Bundick for shaking the chillwave monkey off his back. The stream is below and the video is here.

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I could always see my family

The bull and him
Toro y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick) has already tried his hand at chillwave and garage rock. On his latest song, he’s entered funkier, more dance-y territory. The track is called “Still Sound,” and it’s made up of bouncing basslines, breathy falsettos and glittering synths. It’s got all the elements of a winning pop song: a tight groove, a verse that sets the mood for a infectious chorus. But there’s also an extended instrumental bridge that takes up almost half the song, as an electric piano noodles aimlessly while Bundick sighs wordlessly.

I wrote about Toro y Moi’s upcoming album, Underneath the Pine, for Exclaim! (twice). Let’s hope the rest of the disc lives up the standard of this first single.

MP3: “Still Sound”
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I was fooling around

Next album: skate punk
It looks like Toro y Moi is eager to divest himself of the glo-fi tag. There’s no chillwaving going on in his latest single, “Leave Everything,” which ditches squishy electronics in favour of a garage-y full band sound.

It’s a bold move to make such a radical departure so early in his career—his debut full-length, Causers of This, only came out in January. Whether or not this risk pays off remains to be seen, since this song isn’t quite as memorable as some of his previous singles. Still, as a genre exercise, it’s an intriguing listen.

The song will be released on 7″ via Carpark on June 20. Its B-side is called “First Date,” which I’m going to assume is a blink-182 cover that sounds exactly like this.

MP3: “Leave Everything”
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My motor mouth runs over you

Don't worry about it, we'll Photoshop the hands out later
Tegan and Sara‘s “Alligator” is an enjoyable tune, but does it really merit seventeen different remixes? Deserving or not, that’s how many different versions of the song will appear on the new Alligator digital LP, which features contributions by Holy Fuck, Passion Pit, Four Tet, Ra Ra Riot and many others. Thank God for iPod playlists.

The album also includes a remix by chillwaver Toro y Moi. With an entirely electronic arrangement that’s heavy on squishy synths and laid back beats, it sounds a lot like something that could have appeared on Toro y Moi’s recent Causers of This. But while that album is frequently hazy and directionless (not an insult when it comes to chillwave), this song’s straightforward pop format means that it sounds more radio-friendly than anything he’s done before. Props to all involved.

MP3: “Alligator (Toro y Moi Remix)”
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Come home in the summer

I guess his parents kicked him out of the basement
As far as syntactically awkward album titles go, they don’t get much worse than Toro y Moi‘s Causers of This. Still, this passive-voiced title is oddly perfect for chillwaver Chazwick Bundick; judging by the sound of his relaxed electro tunes, if he were any more passive, he’d still be lying on the couch in his parents basement, watching TV while covered in Cheeto dust.

“Blessa” begins wish a wash of synths and an invitation to “Come home in the summer.” This is something of a mission statement, since the song is bound to invoke memories of lazing on the beach in mid-July. Of course, Causers of This came out in January, so it’s hardly seasonally appropriate. Then again, Bundick hails from South Carolina, which is far enough south that it’s hot for pretty much the entire year.

The sound on track occasionally warps and lurches, sounding as if it’s being played on an aging cassette. You know what that means: it’s nostalgia time.

MP3: “Blessa”
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