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Goodies from the Too Pure Singles Club

Whenever I tell people that I’m a member of the Too Pure Singles Club, they assume it’s some sort of a Christian dating service. What it actually means is that every month, I get a new 7″ from an artist on the British indie label. I wasn’t too familiar with most of the label’s roster prior to joining the club, but it’s already delivered some gems.

Last month the label sent a double A-side by Peggy Sue, an alt.folk group from Brighton-by-way-of-London. The group’s music is significantly less cutesy and wholesome than the name suggests, with haunting two-part harmonies from frontwomen Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw. “Lazarus” begins as a simple acoustic ballad, but a massive, shuddering drumbeat soon propels it to a pounding climax with strained, half-shouted vocals. “Alice in the Kitchen” is similarly percussion-heavy, with a marching beat that almost overpowers the song’s strummed guitar and mandolin.

This month, it’s “What a Drag” by the Brooklyn quartet Bear Hands. These days, the mixing of hip-hop and rock is strictly taboo, but the single absolves the genre of the crimes perpetrated by 90s nu-metal. The song contains no actual rapping, but the fat (“phat”?) hip-hop beat in the chorus is a defiant middle finger to anyone who said rap-rock was best left in the 90s. But rhythm aside, the song is actually fairly typical of millennial indie rock, with reverb-soaked guitar leads and subtle, textured keyboards.
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