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Bummer High – “Cough Syrup”

Bummer High
Bummer High includes members of Indian Wars and Timecopz (who I blogged about recently), and the band’s EP Lost Highway is a satisfying slice of infectious garage rock. Below, listen to the swampy stomper “Cough Syrup,” which is laced with snaky spy riffs and psychedelic noise. The reverb-soaked vocals are so woozy and dead-eyed that they sound like they were sung after a few swigs of the titular beverage. Bravo.

Lost Highway is available on cassette through Green Burrito Records.

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Timecopz – “Shit City”

When I interviewed Indian Wars for the Georgia Straight‘s recent Best of Vancouver issue, singer Brad Felotick said that his favourite local release was “Shit City” by Timecopz.

Here’s that rowdy burst of noise, which takes a surprisingly long time to get to the vocals considering that it’s only 2:30 long and fucking fast. When they do arrive, the crackly shouting helps to take this fuzz-laden punk roller coaster to the next level.

I totally stole the picture from CHARTattack (rest in peace). It was taken by From Blown Speakers blogger Quinn Omori. Hey, who I just blogged about.

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