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Gathering dust forever

Joseph is my aunt
Vancouver’s the SSRIs specialize in manic, prog-infused hardcore. Side-project Aunts and Uncles are similarly intricate, although the noise is toned down in favour of folksy, orchestral textures. You’ll hear that on the new single “November,” which is filled with fluttering strings and hairpin structural turns.

It comes from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP. Go to Exclaim! for more.

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Everyone and everything is you

Vancouver noisemakers the SSRIs have a new album due out June 18, the awesomely-titled Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes.

Lead track “A Certain Set Configuration” is more restrained and melodic than the band’s usual circus prog madness. Sure, there’s a brief, atonal outro, not to mention some disorienting structural shifts, but nothing here is too hard to swallow—Joseph Hirabayashi’s half-rapped refrains are downright infectious.

On the album, this song segues into the next track, “Making Sense.” Courtesy of the band, the non-seguing version is available below.

MP3: “A Certain Set Configuration”
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