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Such a heavenly way to die

Beach Goth: not just a Wavves song
Covering the Smiths‘ “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” takes some guts. After all, it’s generally accepted as one of the Smiths’ finest moments, as well as one of the best indie pop songs of all time.

Dum Dum Girls manage to pull it offer because they put a new spin on the old favourite. Unlike the mid-tempo melodrama of the original, this cover bristles with distortion and goth-y, understated vocals. Bravo, Dee Dee.

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England is mine, it owes me a living

The Julie Powell of Morrissey
Oh man, this is great. A woman named Janice Whaley has decided to record a cover of every song by the Smiths as part of the Smiths Project. She’s aiming to do them all before the end of the year, which makes this kind of like the Julie & Julia of the Smiths. Just as Julie Powell is to indulgent foods, so Janice Whaley is to indulgent indie pop.

The San Francisco songstress has recorded over three dozen covers already, which you can listen to and download here. They’re largely a cappella and contain densely layered choral vocals. Below, I’ve posted “Still Ill,” which has always been one of my favourite Smiths songs. (Incidentally, tracks 6-9 on the Smiths’ self-titled album might be my favourite four-song run ever.)

MP3: “Still Ill”
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