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A.C. Newman – “Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns”

A.C. Newman
A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers is one of my favourite-ever songwriters, and his new solo album, Shut Down the Streets, finds him in excellent form. Here’s the very New Pornos-esque “Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns.”

I interviewed him for Exclaim! and raved about the disc for The Tyee.

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A.C. Newman – “I’m Not Talking”

A.C. Newman
A.C. Newman‘s 2004 release The Slow Wonder is one of my favourite albums ever, so I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Shut Down the Streets, due out October 9 on Matador Records.

“I’m Not Talking” is a promising (and surprisingly synth-tinged) preview of the new collection. Here’s hoping that this is indicative of the quality of the rest of the album.

My girlfriend just asked me if I’m listening to a TV show theme song. Okay, it does kind of sound like that.

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Kathryn Calder – “Who Are You?”

Kathryn Calder
Former Immaculate Machine member and current New Pornographers contributor Kathryn Calder just released her sophomore solo album, Bright and Vivid, through File Under: Music. I interviewed her for Exclaim! and wrote about the LP for The Tyee.

Below, watch the video for the dance floor-friendly single “Who Are You?,” which expands Calder’s usual sonic pallet with hooky synths and thudding electro beats. This one takes her out of the coffee shop and into the nightclub.

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Quietly, as autumn comes

If I know Kathryn, she's singing about bagels
Back in summer 2007, I ran into Immaculate Machine‘s Kathryn Calder at a Vancouver jam space. At the time, the singer/keyboardist was rehearsing with the New Pornograpers for their upcoming Challengers tour. She asked me if there was anywhere to eat nearby and I gave her directions to Solly’s, a bagel store that was a couple of blocks away. I hope you found it okay, Kathryn!

Three years and probably many bagels later, she is preparing to release her debut solo album, Are You My Mother?, due out August 10 via File Under: Music. The first single is “Slip Away,” a tinkling ballad with lots of references to autumn, letting go and slipping away (in other words, it’s all about death). Two minutes in, it suddenly explodes with electric guitars and a sublime wordless vocal hook. It sounds like someone has been taking pointers from her uncle Carl.

MP3: “Slip Away”
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