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Don’t it feel good not to be a total asshole?

The annual meeting of the All Beards Club
Calgary’s the Dudes are ostensibly a jock rock band, but they’ve always had a slight undercurrent of soul, mainly due to singer Dan Vacon’s husky croon. It’s no big surprise, then, to learn that Vacon also has a soul-infused side project, the Dojo Workhorse. The group put out an album last year, Weapons Grade Romantic, that eschews the Dudes’ electrified riff rock in favour of folksy ballads and horn-laden R&B.

“I Got Life” is a straightforward acoustic strummer, featuring dense gospel harmonies, church-y organ and a hooky guitar break. Best of all are the lyrics, which find Vacon deliberating on science and faith and admitting, “I’ve got the Lord in me / Which is a surprise / ‘Cause I don’t believe in nothing at all.”

MP3: “I Got Life”
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