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The Albertans – “The Hunter”

The Albertans
Here’s the latest from Vancouver/Brooklyn-based unit the Albertans. “The Hunter” begins with a peculiar one-chord keyboard motif and whispering vocals before a guitar enters and the song eventually rocks out in the second half of its six-minute runtime. The jittery rhythms mean that this is a bit of a strange one.

This song comes out on 7″ through Ernest Jenning Record Co. on April 24.

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Swallow those pills you’ve got

Everyone leans away from Moustauche Man
I first heard the Albertans because they used to practice in BeatRoute‘s office. It turns out that the magazine wasn’t the only good thing coming out of that room. As I previously wrote for Exclaim!, the band has a new album, New Age, which came out this month.

Listen to the haunting, keyboard-led single “The Wake” below. It’s got bleak lyrics, some pretty boy-girl harmonies, and extremely Modest Mouse-esque guitar breaks.

These guys and girls are currently based out of Vancouver, but apparently they will be leaving the city soon. They will be missed.

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