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The sun is solid gold

Rolf Klausener doesn't have time to look into your lousy camera
Now that Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has put the Acorn back into everyone’s mind (right?), the band is looking to capitalize with its third full length, No Ghost, due out June 1 via Paper Bag.

The first single is the spiky title track, much of which is based around a single chord and a hypnotic psych rock groove. The dense patchwork of overdubs keeps things interesting, with swirling electronics weaving through sawing violins and backmasked guitar leads.

In other Acorn-related news, the Wikipedia entry on the band lists Shaun Weadick as the “redheaded multi-instrumentalist/hype man.” It’s funny as well as useful, since it helps to distinguish him from the band’s other, non-redheaded multi-instrumentalist hype men.

MP3: “No Ghost”
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