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Teen Daze – “Let’s Groove”

Teen Daze
In less than two years, the Fraser Valley’s Teen Daze has explored chillwave, cosmic electronica, and guitar-laden beach pop. Now, he’s released a straight-up, nightclub-oriented banger in the form of “Let’s Groove.”

If you’ve seen him live, you may have heard him play clubby tracks like this before. He was playing this material when I reviewed his show last year for the Georgia Straight.

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I felt the crest of a wave

The dog daze of summer
I have lots of good business ideas, but not the time or effort to put them into action. For any aspiring entrepreneurs, here are a few of my brainwaves that are free for the taking:

-A science-themed prefab R&B group called Density’s Child.
-A Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant called Wokamole.
-A Tex-Mex food cart called Taco the Town.
-A blissed-out intergalactic electro tune called “Surface,” featuring a wash of gorgeous synths and echoed vocals.

Oh wait! The last one already happened. It’s by British Columbia chillwave master Teen Daze. It comes from his upcoming EP A Silent Planet.

Go to Exclaim! to read my article about his upcoming tour dates.

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Holly, far from home

Members of the Hollerado-Tang Clan
A few weeks ago, I went to the launch party for Teen Daze‘s Cultus Vibes label. I lost my scarf at the party, and Teen Daze helped me to track it down a few days later. Thanks for being thoughtful, Teen Daze!

Here’s his latest remix. It’s for Vancouver’s Said the Whale. He turned the band’s acoustic ballad “Holly, Ontario” into a banging electro track.

Go to Exclaim! to read my write-up about the remix (and here for my article about Said the Whale getting its gear jacked).

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It’s me and me and you

Dude needs some press shots
The last time I posted a Teen Daze song, I noted that the tune broke from the usual chillwave formula by including guitars alongside the usual swirling synths, dance-y beats and reverb-hazed vocals

The latest song, “Let’s Fall Asleep Together,” explodes the formula entirely, scaling back the electronics in favour of a warm wash of jangling guitars. It’s clearly inspired by the lo-fi beach pop sound that’s so popular right now, but these fluttering melodies and gorgeous harmonies are timeless.

Go to Exclaim! to read more.

MP3: “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”
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The way you look now

Four more years! Four more years!
Vancouver (well, Abbotsford) chillwaver Teen Daze sent over his latest track, “Watch over Me.” This one is labelled “November 2010,” so it’s apparently brand new. Just as you’d expect from Teen Daze, it’s soaked in gauzy reverb and laden with tick-tocking beats and bleary synths. It’s not your average glo-fi track however; the breakdowns feature a prominent acoustic guitar (string squeaks and all) and tinkling, new age-y keyboards.

MP3: “Watch over Me”
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We can French kiss some French girls

Is that Teen Daze's leg on the left?
Thanks to Bryan from Herohill for the heads up on this one: it’s a cover of Japandroids‘ “Wet Hair” by Vancouver chillwaver Teen Daze. It reinvents the hard rocking original as a synth-dazzled dancefloor jam, with pillowy vocal harmonies and one of the most irresistible disco beats you’ll hear all year. This is one of those cases where the cover version tops the original, which is a bit like a movie being better than the book: rare indeed.

I’ve been having a Teen Daze-heavy week; just two days ago, I posted his remix of a song by the Magician & the Gates of Love.

MP3: “Wet Hair”
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From green to blue

Fuck off, I'm trying to take a leak
It’s reprehensible that, as a Vancouver-based music blog, I haven’t written about Teen Daze yet. The city’s new local favourite has been getting some solid press lately thanks to notable remixes (Yeasayer, Local Natives, Twin Sister) and blog-friendly chillwave tunes.

Here’s “Saviour,” a gauzy, reverb-hazed track from his new EP, Four More Years. It sounds a lot like Washed Out, with chilled out beats and a wash of soothing harmonies that are so heavily effected, they can be difficult to distinguish from the instruments. With lots of natural imagery (trees, sunshine) and heartfelt romance (“I need to be with you”), this an awesomely blissful late-summer swoon.

His music has been picked up big American sites, but kudos to Teen Daze for going with the Canadian spelling on this one.

MP3: “Saviour”
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