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Reminds me of childhood memories

Victoria Bergsman always washes her shawl with Febreeze
I’m just about to head out the door to go see LCD Soundsystem at the Malkin Bowl and I’m pretty so excited. If I were a bro, this would probably be the time that I would drink a bunch of beers and crank a pump up jam like Guns n’ Roses‘ “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” Except I’m not a bro, so I’m listening to the Taken by Trees cover version instead. It’s a wispy and decidedly Swedish-sounding cover, with the classic guitar riff transposed onto piano as gently pattering drums and acoustic strums keep time. Mostly, the cover is a vehicle for Victoria Bergsman’s voice, as she pronounces the “h” in “when” (0:50) and plays up the nostalgic vibe with dead-eyed sighs and some gorgeous outro harmonies.

Rhetorical reader poll: which Michigan-era Sufjan Stevens song does this remind you of?

MP3: “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
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