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Surfer Blood – “I’m Not Ready”

Surfer Blood
After tapping into the indie music world’s penchant for ’90s nostalgia with last year’s Astro Coast, Surfer Blood recently released a new EP called Tarot Classics.

“I’m Not Ready” is a song from that EP that has been a live standout since I reviewed the band’s show for Exclaim! last year. Its harmonized guitar licks dive and swoop, tracing a winding melody that’s both unpredictable and blissfully catchy.

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I wasn’t thirsty for revenge

Glitter elephant in the room
I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to post this tune, but apparently I am, so here goes: “Floating Vibes” is the first track off of Surfer Blood‘s excellent debut, Astro Coast, which came out earlier this year. The song harkens back to the ’90s at its riff rocking best, as frontman J.P. Pitts sings along with the catchy guitar leads, sounding sleepy despite despite the bouncy arrangement. A violin enters at the end, leaving a faint baroque aftertaste.

Apparently the band has a new EP on the way. Head to Exclaim! to get the scoop. I’ve written about the band a couple times in the past.

MP3: “Floating Vibes”
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I don’t care about nothing

Sweaters are soft
A few days ago, I saw the Drums and Surfer Blood when they came through Vancouver. Surfer Blood is great, but the Drums were clearly the better of the two. Read my review at Exclaim! to learn why.

Come to think of it, I also reviewed Surfer Blood a few months ago for BeatRoute, which was the last time that the band came through town.

Here’s the Drums’ “Let’s Go Surfing,” remixed by the Raveonettes. As you’d expect when the Raveonettes are involved, the song gets a shoegaze-y makeover, with searing electric guitars and a thick gauze of reverb. There’s a great new chord change around 2:36 that wasn’t in the original version, so watch out for that.

MP3: “Let’s Go Surfing (The Raveonettes Remix)”
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Quit hanging over me

The tabs were just starting to kick in
If you’re looking for no-nonsense guitar pop and catchy hooks, Surfer Blood is perhaps this year’s best bet so far. Be sure to check out the band’s awesome debut album, Astro Coast, which I reviewed for the Georgia Straight. I also interviewed frontman JP Pitts for the same publication.

Here’s the awesome single “Swim,” which hasn’t lost any of its impact since it first made the rounds last year. It’s easy to see why the band has earned so many comparisons to Weezer, as this song combines the crunchy guitar riffs of ’90s alt-rock with the sun-dazzled melodies of the Beach Boys (only instead of lush harmonies you get shouting and a tidal wave of delay).

MP3: “Swim”
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