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Love and lust, how come that is such a must?

Flower children
Smith Westerns‘ new album is pretty fucking wicked. I mean, their first album was cool and all, but the production on Dye It Blonde is massive, and it suits their paisley pop songs way better than the fuzz and grit of old.

The band played in Vancouver last night; go to Exclaim! to read my review of the show (and here to read my review of their first album). I also interviewed singer Cullen Omori for the Georgia Straight last week.

Here’s an old version of the Dye It Blonde track “Imagine, Pt. 3″ which appeared on a previous 7″ (and was originally listed with a comma in the title). It’s not as lush as the album cut, but you can still appreciate the intricate, Lennon-esque songwriting. I yoinked it from Pitchfork.

MP3: “Imagine, Pt. 3″
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