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All your charms wasted

This picture is both small and black. Well played.
If you happened to notice that this blog was offline for a few days, it’s because I ran out of bandwidth. Oops! Except, yay, because it means that I’m getting more traffic.

Now we (the royal “we”) are back. Here’s “Search Party” by Small Black, which comes from the band’s stellar debut LP, New Chain. It’s got machine gun drum machines, breathy vocals and a gorgeous wash of dreamscape synths.

I interviewed Small Black for the Georgia Straight. If you go to Exclaim!, you can also read my article about their new 7″, “Photojournalist” (which you can hear here).

MP3: “Search Party”
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Rise up again, like a ghost

Small Black goes into hyperdrive
Earlier this year, Small Black reissued its stellar EP, which I wrote about here. Now, the band has a full-length, New Chain, due out in October. Go to Exclaim! to read my story about the album.

Here’s the first single, “Photojournalist,” which tones down the band’s shoegaze leanings in favour of a more straightforward synthpop sound. It’s got a dance-friendly beats, breathy vocals and a wash of pillowy electronics. Pity about the cover art. I keep looking at the image, expecting to see some sort of double meaning, or a picture hidden in the background. Sometimes a chain is just a chain.

MP3: “Photojournalist”
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Smoke machine begins to blow

Like Black Tambourine, only smaller
I reviewed Small Black‘s self-titled EP in this month’s issue of Exclaim!, which is online and on newsstands now. The duo offers a compelling mix of chillwave and shoegaze. Hipster worlds are colliding!

Check out the single “Despicable Dogs,” which is a good introduction to the band’s fuzzy take on glo-fi. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Black Tambourine having done this song, only with guitars and drums in place of the electronics.

MP3: “Despicable Dogs”
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