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See you on the moon then

The music or the misery?
A record store. John Cusack stands behind the counter surveying the scene while Bald Guy flirts awkwardly with Anna Moss.

                    JOHN CUSACK
          I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs Treats by the Beta Band Sleigh Bells.

                    BALD GUY
          Do it.

John Cusack presses play and “Dry the Rain” “Rill Rill” begins to play. He looks around and his eyes fall on a customer who is bobbing his head in time to the music.

          Who is that?

                    JOHN CUSACK
          The Beta Band Sleigh Bells.

          It’s good.

                    JOHN CUSACK
          I know.

Some punk kids steal a bunch of records. John Cusack notices them and he and Jack Black chase them out of the store.

                    CHIPPED HIP
          All jokes and Beta Band comparisons aside, this song is insanely great.

MP3: “Rill Rill”
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