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Choking on some modern fruit

Yes, he's wearing a Slanted Baby shirt
Such as I understand it, the Slanted Baby story goes like this:

Teenager doesn’t really know how to play music, but starts writing songs anyway. He records them on a cassette four-track. He doesn’t like the sound of his own voice so he either speeds up or slows down all of the vocals.

Dude records a number of albums over several years, gradually getting better at the instruments he doesn’t really know how to play. And some of the results are bizarrely brilliant.

Here’s the surprisingly proficient and generally awesome “Street Covered Angel,” which comes from an album called Kiss My Car. It sounds a bit like Guided by Voices, with a lo-fi blend of acoustic strumming, electronic beats and surreal, stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Kind of like this stream-of-consciousness blog post. Sorry, it’s been a fifteen-hour workday. This song is good, and the outro guitar solo is amazing.

MP3: “Street Covered Angel”
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