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Love to give and give and give and give

Kevin Bacon and the Hollow Man Band
Vancouver’s Siskiyou is back. The band will release Keep Away the Dead on October 4 via Constellation. The first single is called “Twigs and Stones,” and you can stream it below. Like some of the group’s past work, this eerie tune evokes Neutral Milk Hotel with its blaring horns, chilling vocals and brittle folk rock.

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With this single stone

Still no pictures of the four-piece
If you follow Canadian indie rock, you probably already know some of the members of Siskiyou from their work with bands like Great Lake Swimmers and Said the Whale. Siskiyou is decidedly darker than those projects, imbuing creepy folk songs with sinister arrangements and gritty, lo-fi production.

See below for “Everything I Have,” which recalls Neutral Milk Hotel with its pounding percussion, strained vocals and mournful horns. It’s a little noisier than most of the band’s other work.

I recently interviewed the band for the Georgia Straight.

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Struck upon the brain in my head

They just swam in that great lake
Colin Heubert was once the drummer of Great Lake Swimmers, but he’s since relocated to Vancouver and started his own project, Siskiyou, along with GLS cohort Erik Arnesen. For live shows, he’s joined by Said the Whale‘s Peter Carruthers and Red Cedar‘s Shaunn Watt.

Siskiyou’s self-titled debut is out now via Constellation. Click below for the folksy single “Never Ever Ever Ever Again.” With its eerie layered vocals and moody, distorted rock out, this is one for drinking alone to.

MP3: “Never Ever Ever Ever Again”
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