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Seapony – “What You Wanted”

“What You Wanted” has all the hallmarks of a Seapony tune: twee vocals, guitars that balance grit with jangle, and a soft indie pop melody. But it’s also got a slightly darker, more full-bodied sound that benefits from the addition of live drums and synth.

Falling is out on September 11 through Hardly Art.

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Seapony – “Emma’s House”

Here’s Seapony‘s cover of one of my all-time favourite songs, “Emma’s House” by the Field Mice. I’m not sure exactly where this comes from or when it was released, but the Seattle indie pop band does the song justice by remaining faithful to the original, right down to the lead guitar licks and delayed drum intro.

I’ve seen the band perform this song live a couple of times with Rose Melberg, although she’s not on this recording.

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Don’t know what to do

Here’s another delightfully twee offering from Seattle’s Seapony. Entitled “With You,” this lo-fi pop cut is all jangling guitars, tinny beats and poignant romance. This comes from Go with Me, released this year on Hardly Art. Go to Exclaim! to read my review.

The band filmed a performance of this song for Yours Truly.

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Every time I close my eyes

My fucking knee cap is bruised
Seattle’s Seapony was meant to play in Vancouver last week, but the band cancelled last minute after singer Jennifer Weidl fell ill. It’s a shame, since I’d be looking forward to hearing the trio’s catchy guitar pop tunes in person.

Here’s ultra-fun, kinda-twee rocker “Dreaming.” It bristles with crackling guitar chords, piercing guitar leads and reverb-steeped vocals. This gritty production is the perfect counterpoint to the sunny melody and cute lyrics, with their saucer-eyed declarations of love.

This beautiful tune is helping to take my mind off my fucking knee, which I’m currently icing after cracking it against the edge of the shower.

MP3: “Dreaming”
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