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Real Estate – “Taking Backwards”

Real Estate
Every Real Estate album contains one incredible song and a bunch of pretty good ones. Last time around, it was “Green Aisles.” On the newly released Atlas, the incredible song is called “Talking Backwards.”

I saw these guys in Vancouver last week. It was good, since the band sounded exactly like what you would expect.

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Alex Bleeker and the Freaks – “Don’t Look Down”

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks
Alex Bleeker is a member of Real Estate, but his work as Alex Bleeker and the Freaks tones down the jangle — somewhat — in favour of a more roots-leaning, Woodsy pop style. Sample it below in the form of the song “Don’t Look Down” from this year’s How Far Away.

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks have a show tomorrow night (August 9) at the Astoria in Vancouver.

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Real Estate – “Green Aisles”

Real Estate
Sophomore slump? Real Estate has never heard of it. The band’s recent Days LP is the follow-up to 2009′s excellent self-titled effort, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Here’s the album standout “Green Aisles,” a dreamy jangle pop tune that praises “wasted miles,” “aimless drives,” and “our careless lifestyle.” This manifesto on laziness has got one of the year’s best choruses.

I interviewed bassist Alex Bleeker for this week’s Georgia Straight.

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I skated on a frozen sea

Real Estate pose with real estate
Get ready to have a totally laid back fall: Real Estate is releasing the album Days on October 18 via Domino. The new single is called “It’s Real,” and you can check it out in the widget below. With its watery guitar effects and warm, reverb-y production, this is just as dreamy as the band’s previous work.

These fancy widgets are sure getting popular, aren’t they?

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Feel the ripples of the tide

This dude definitely loves the 1990s
Matthew Mondanile plays guitar in Real Estate, and is the sole member of Ducktails. Go to Exclaim! to read my article about Ducktails’ upcoming album, due out in the fall.

The first single is called “Hamilton Street,” and it’s another jangly, hazy summer jam from Mondanile. Unlike much of his Ducktails work, this one has vocals. It’s a good idea to listen to this one now, since the hot weather will be gone by the time the album drops.

On a semi-related note, everyone should go here to listen to the DuckTales theme song in Finnish.

MP3: “Hamilton Street”
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I’m far more accident prone

Real Estate goes on a double date
Yeah, yeah, I know that I’m a little late onto the Real Estate bandwagon. But really, if you think about how long the earth has been around for, I’m really not late at all. If you condensed the history of the earth into a single year, my lateness would only occur a few milliseconds before midnight on December 31. Right? Apology accepted.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying the band’s self-titled debut, which came out last November via Woodsist. In buzz band years, that makes Real Estate about 35 years old.

Check out “Fake Blues,” a shimmering beach jam with echoing, harmonized guitar licks piled on top of reverb-soaked vocals, which are buried down low in the mix. New Jersey tends to get a lot of flack (the Surrey to New York’s Vancouver, if you will), but this tune makes the Jersey Shore sound like a summer paradise.

MP3: “Fake Blues”
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