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PS I Love You – “Princess Towers”

PS I Love You
Polaris season is almost upon us, and one album that will have a spot on my ballot is PS I Love You‘s excellent Death Dreams, which comes out on May 8 through Paper Bag Records (although I’m thrilled to already have my vinyl copy).

Below, listen to the mammoth-sized (although only 2:22 long) stomper “Princess Towers.” This sounds huge on wax, but still pretty big on laptop speakers.

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PS I Love You – “Sentimental Dishes”

PS I Love You
PS I Love You‘s upcoming sophomore LP, Death Dreams, is a total banger, and that also goes for the single “Sentimental Dishes.” This song is every bit as noisy and fuzzy as 2010′s Meet Me at the Muster Station, but the pop hooks are perhaps a little more front-and-centre. That is, until it ends with some face-melting guitar shredding.

You’re going to want to get ready for this album. Go to Exclaim! to read my story about it.

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I’m just living in chaos

PS I love you band
My fondness for PS I Love You is well-documented, so naturally I’m pretty excited that the band just recorded a cover of Madonna‘s “Where’s the Party.” This fuzz rocker isn’t my favourite thing the band has ever done, but it’s nice to hear the duo going in a more atmospheric direction with the guitars. The last minute-plus is sheer chaotic, beautiful noise.

This song is from Paper Bag‘s new tribute to True Blue. Go to Exclaim! to read more.

And speaking of PS I Love You, Polaris season is almost upon us. Just saying.

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I’m gonna throw up

Classic brick wall shot
I’ve already written about PS I Love You‘s recent album a whole bunch of times, but I only just had a chance to interview singer Paul Saulnier. I spoke with him for this week’s Georgia Straight. The band is playing a show tomorrow night with Diamond Rings and I’m pretty jazzed.

Here’s “Butterflies & Boners,” which is yet another awesome, fuzzy cut off Meet Me at the Muster Station. It’s feedback-laden, apocalyptic rocker that ends with a fiery shred solo.

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Ten digits scrawled upon your skin

PS this band rules
Last fall, I wrote a cover story for BeatRoute about Toronto pop dude Diamond Rings (née John O’Regan). He was one of the most thoughtful, self-aware artists I’ve ever talked with, and his album Special Affections was one of my favourites of 2010.

Now, he’s teamed up with another one of my favourite artists from 2010, PS I Love You. The two acts are getting set to put out a collaborative single called “Leftovers.” Go to Exclaim! to read my article about the song (as well as this one about the upcoming joint tour), which pairs the crooning vocals of Diamond Rings with the speaker-fried fuzz of PS I Love You. Collaborations don’t come any more perfect that this.

PS I Love You gets top billing on this single (which is why I used a picture of the duo to the left) but the fact that O’Regan sings lead means that most people will probably think of this as a Diamond Rings song.

MP3: “Leftovers”
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What you got, you know I want it

I want what they got
PS I Love You was perhaps my favourite discovery of 2010, and the band’s Meet Me at the Muster Station LP is still on steady rotation on my iPod. (Anyone in Vancouver know where I can get it on vinyl?)

Here’s another track from that collection, “Get Over.” This song is a good introduction the duo’s speaker-fried fuzz guitars, propulsive dance beats and subtle atmospherics.

I’ve never seen the band live, so I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming tour with Diamond Rings. Go to Exclaim! to read more.

MP3: “Get Over”
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PREMIERE: PS I Love You – “Facelove”

Looking shady
Normally, this blog has a pretty rigid format, consisting of a brief blurb plus a link to a MP3. Today, I’m breaking from tradition, and for good reason: I’ve got an exclusive (let me repeat that: EXCLUSIVE) video from PS I Love You. It’s the sixth and final part in the band’s series of live videos called The Kingston Sessions. Previous instalments have be been posted in various places, including Herohill and Quick Before it Melts.

This instalment is for the band’s signature tune, “Facelove.” It’s a stripped-down take on the usually-explosive song, performed with an acoustic guitar and a keyboard, using a Casio beat for support. Oh yeah, and there’s a yawning kitty right at the beginning. Cute!

Scroll past the video to download the (already posted) studio version, which appears on the outstanding Meet Me at the Muster Station, out now via Paper Bag.

MP3: “Facelove”
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Where will you be?

Probably the sauciest smile I've ever seen on the right
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PS I Love You is the Canadian band to watch in 2010. Meet Me at the Muster Station is due out on October 5 via Paper Bag, so get ready to be rocked.

Here’s that album’s apocalyptic standout “2012.” I’m only guessing about the apocalyptic part, since it’s pretty much impossible to tell what frontman Paul Saulnier is singing; he yelps and moans like Spencer Krug, his voice buried beneath thundering drums and fuzzy guitars that are as atmospheric as they are noisy. I do know he says “fuck it” a bunch of times.

The comparisons with this band are easy: Wolf Parade and Japandroids are going to keep coming up, and for good reason. But that doesn’t matter, ’cause this album is right up there with Apologies to the Queen Mary and Post-Nothing.

MP3: “2012″
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Thrown in my face

Facelove in the form of a punch
What are blogs for, if not to make hyperbolic prophecies about how an up-and-coming band is going to take over the world and becoming the biggest thing since __________? Here goes: PS I Love You is going to be Canada’s next indie sensation. I mean, the band is already on its way. But after the debut LP, Meet Me at the Muster Station, is released on October 5, this shit is going to seriously blow up.

I wrote about the album for Exclaim! and had a chance to preview the fuzz-tastic collection. Here’s “Facelove,” the thunderous B-side to Diamond Rings‘ awesome “All Yr Songs.” Watch the Joy Divison-aping video here. It’s part Wolf Parade-style stomper and part shred-laden rock out, and it’s a fucking jam.

MP3: “Facelove”
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A prayer for the lovers lost at sea

Hiring an infant seemed like a good idea at first for the Gertrudes
Canada Day is so much better when you don’t live in downtown Vancouver (as I did up until this year). Without droves of flag-bearing families wearing face paint descending upon my neighbourhood and making tons of noise, it seems downright pleasant. This must be what people mean when they say “Yay, it’s Canada Day.”

Oh hey, speaking of things that are Canadian, here’s a collaboration between two bands from Kingston, ON: the Gertrudes and PS I Love You. The track, “Sailor,” has a distinct Maritime vibe, with nautical-themed lyrics, waltz-time strumming and flourishes of fiddle and mandolin. Things get trippy in the final minute, when the two bands crank the gain for a psychedelic, triumphant finale.

This one will be on the Gertrudes’ forthcoming album, Dawn Time Riot. If you dig it, the band has got some west coast tour dates coming up this month. Click here to see the schedule.

MP3: “Sailor”
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