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There were naked women dancing

It takes six people to play all those guitar solos
“The Mermaid Parade” by Phosphorescent just might be the most heartbreaking song I’ve heard all year. A tear-in-my-beer country waltz, it describes a divorce in excruciating detail, as frontman Matthew Houck sings about a long-distance marriage that failed. There’s no blame or anger, only regret. He’s not even bitter when reveals, “I know all about your new man,” as he quickly admits, “I found a new friend too.”

As for the musical accompaniment, it’s wistful with just the faintest hint of tension, and there are fucking dual guitar solos going on at the same time as the vocals.

Back in the summer, Phosphorescent lost of its gear (oh no!) and then recovered it all (yay!). Head to Exclaim! to read my stories about the whole saga.

MP3: “The Mermaid Parade”
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