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Ain’t got money to pay the door

Ain't got the money to pay for colour film
My updates have been a little more sporadic lately due to technical difficulties. My hard drive crashed on Tuesday and my internet is constantly in a state of malfunction. I think I need a new computer, and maybe a new modem also. Oh well, money is overrated, probably.

Petroleum By-Product knows what I’m talking about. This plastic-obsessed Vancouver trio recently released a song called “(Ain’t Got) Money.” It’s a trashy post-punk rave-up with glitzy synths and dance beats aplenty. Complaining about her poverty, frontwoman Sally Dige Jørgensen sings in a brash sneer that’s halfway between Johnny Rotten and Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Except, y’know, female.

The song appears on the recently released album Superficial Artificial, which is full of more of the same bedazzled new wave awesomeness.

MP3: “(Ain’t Got) Money)”
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