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We’ll all get there someday

Orioles hats are way in
If I talk about how much I’m digging Panda Bear‘s Tomboy, I feel like I’m bragging, since the album hasn’t leaked yet. But seriously, it’s really good. I recently interviewed Mr. Bear for Color, so that will be published next month.

Here’s the new track “The Preakness.” This comes from a mixtape that Animal Collective made for the shoe company Keep. I don’t really need to describe why this one is a must-hear, do I?

I wrote about the Animal Collective-designed shoes for Exclaim! a while back.

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Didn’t we have a good time?

Damn it, Noah, sit still
If, at the end of 2009, I had made a list of my favourite albums of the past decade, Panda Bear‘s 2007 masterpiece Person Pitch would have been right near the top. So I’m pretty excited to post the first official cut from his new album, “Last Night at the Jetty.”

I already wrote about this track for Exclaim!, so you can go there if you want to read a description. But really, do you need any colourful descriptions or flowery adjectives to convince you to listen to this?

Let’s just say I’m not disappointed.

MP3: “Last Night at the Jetty”
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Your summer jam has arrived

Atlas Sound began as Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox’s home recorded solo project, but, after just one album, it’s already evolved into something more. This fall, Atlas Sound will release Logos, an unfinished version of which leaked onto the internet in 2008. The final product opts for more a full band sound than last year’s Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel and features guest appearances from some of Cox’s musically-inclined friends.

“Walkabout” is a collaboration with Panda Bear, and is based around a sample of the Dovers‘ 1966 song “What Am I Going to Do?” Accompanied by subtle electronic percussion and a Brian Wilson-aping vocal line, the tune sounds closer to Panda’s previous work than Cox’s—it could have easily been slotted into 2007′s Person Pitch without seeming out of place. The catchy verses are broken up by ambient washes of blissed-out synth, meaning the song sounds a bit like a four-minute distillation of everything that makes Panda Bear and Atlas Sound so captivating.

Logos doesn’t come out until October 21, but it’s easy to see why Cox chose to release this song early, as its sunny vibe is ideally suited to beach parties and backyard barbecues. What a fucking jam.

Download or stream the song over at The FADER.
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