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People slaughtered each other out of joy

K, promise not to make us look stupid?
Woah. What happened to of Montreal? The band has displayed some noisy tendencies in recent years, but never anything close to this. “Black Lion Massacre” is full-blown noise freakout, with apocalyptic explosions of guitar, looming bass, and the creepiest spoken-word monologue I’ve ever heard.

Somebody hold me! I’m scared! Listen below at your own peril. It makes me uncomfortable, but the band gets bonus points for adventurousness.

It comes from the upcoming EP thecontrollersphere. Go to Exclaim! to read more.

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My teenage lust for you

Felt tip body makeup
Back in 2008, I went to England with the intention of working and living there for the next year. Unfortunately, that was right when the economy tanked, so jobs weren’t easy to come by. It ended up turning into a vacation, and I wandered around London for a few weeks, riding the underground and crashing on my cousin’s couch. The whole time, I listened to of Montreal‘s Skeletal Lamping pretty much exclusively, its fractured structure the perfect accompaniment to the city’s diverse, disorienting patchwork of neighbourhoods.

The band has a new album coming out on September 14 via Polyvinyl, False Priest. Interestingly, the last two of Montreal albums have both been named after lyrics from the bridge of the 2007 song “Faberge Falls for Shuggie.” He previously told Stereogum that the album was almost called The Controller Sphere, which is another lyric from the same song.

Here’s the first single, the guitar-friendly “Coquet Coquette.” It’s more hard-rocking than anything off Skeletal Lamping, but the sultry, synth-dazzled Prince-isms are still present.

MP3: “Coquet Coquette”
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