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You’re Nobunny until some bunny loves you

Nobunny is to rabbits as John Wayne Gacy Jr. is to clowns. Not to suggest that Nobunny is a serial killer, since he (probably) isn’t. But like the infamous murderer, he takes an ostensibly cute costume and perverts it, making it seem more creepy than lovable. He wears a bunny mask at all times, but its white fur is matted and gross, its nose a wolf-like snout. The mask covers only the top part of his face, revealing a scruffy stubble that makes him look like he’s been on a three-day bender. His music is equally unkempt, as he plays sloppy garage blues with ultra-lo-fi recording methods and buried, distorted vocals.

Many of his tunes are Check Berry-inspired 12-bar boogies, but Nobunny is no blues purist. “BoneYard” is equally influenced by bedroom electronica, with a canned electronic beat and warped vocal effects that at times blur the line between human voice and instrument. Similarly, “I Am a Girlfriend” features tinny keyboard leads and sampled spoken-word clips—a refreshing change from the live-off-the-floor anachronism that dominates the modern blues scene.

Both songs appear on Nobunny’s debut full-length, Love Visions, which was released late last year via Bubbledumb.
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