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Nicholas Krgovich – Who Cares?

Nicholas Krgovich - Who Cares?
I have little interest in acoustic singer-songwriter music these days, but the new solo LP from Vancouver’s Nicholas Krgovich is an exception. Who Cares? is a beautiful collection of quiet ballads that fall somewhere between rootsy folk and vintage, Rat Pack-era pop.

I reviewed the album for the Georgia Straight. Hear it below.

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Olden times and ancient rhymes

Chris Mastheim in the flesh
A few days ago, No Kids/Gigi leader Nick Krgovich dropped a free holiday EP under the pseudonym Chris Mastheim. (Don’t get the pun? Say it out loud.) The EP is called Chris Mastheim Is Here. Go to Exclaim! for my brief article about the release.

Even though I’m a day late for Christmas, I’m still going to post his cover of “Christmastime Is Here” (the classic from A Charlie Brown Christmas). The synth backing is based on the Twin Peaks theme song, which is easily my favourite TV show theme of all time. A little bird tells me that Gus Franklin from Architecture in Helsinki helped out with the Twin Peaks part, but that’s unconfirmed.

MP3: “Christmastime Is Here”
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I long to have your long arms about me

This is only a fraction of Gigi's contributors
As far as one-off side projects go, they don’t get much better than Gigi. The band is led by former p:ano/current No Kids songwriter Nick Krgovich, who recruited a massive cast of supporting musicians for the retro pop opus Maintenant, released earlier this year.

K Records recently issued a 7″ single of “The Hundredth Time,” which is a horn-laden, harmony-drenched AM soul throwback featuring Ladyhawk‘s Duffy Driediger and some dude named Ryan Peters (who might be this guy, but I’m not sure). It’s magical and mopey in equal doses, with a stunning chorus that complains, “I’m leaning on a lamppost outside the party / And crying my eyes out / For the hundredth time.” If you’re into Brill Building pop fetishists like Camera Obscura and God Help the Girl, this one is nothing short of perfect.

MP3: “The Hundredth Time”
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Swaying alone in a dark corner

Double date in the park
Vancouver indie pop outfit No Kids recently released the funkified new EP Judy at the Grove. You can read my review of the disc over at the Georgia Straight.

Here’s the EP’s opening song, the quasi-title track “At the Grove.” It’s a sweet piano pop tune with a lazy summer-by-the-pool vibe. It sounds like something that could have appeared on either of the last two Belle & Sebastian albums. (“Judy at the Grove and the Dream of Horses” anyone?) The strings, horns and harmonies build up as this one goes along, with some choppy guitars thrown in just to keep it funky.

MP3: “At the Grove”
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