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Happy fucking congratulations

Considering how forgettable most of We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank was, Modest Mouse‘s decision to release an EP of outtakes is a little questionable. After all, if a dud like “Little Motel” made the final (and was released as a single, no less), how much hope can there be for the rejects? Regardless, the indie rock legends will issue a collection of eight unreleased tracks this August, entitled No One’s First and You’re Next (yes, Modest Mouse still rules at album titles). The EP also includes outtakes from 2004′s excellent Good News for People Who Love Bad News (so maybe there’s hope yet).

The first single, “Satellite Skin,” makes things look a lot more promising. It borrows its phrasing from Pavement‘s “Here” and its artwork from the Bravery (proof). But mostly, it sounds like pure Modest Mouse, recalling the jaggedness of the group’s pre-millennial output. Only the intermittently tinkling piano and some subtle slide guitar work (presumably contributed by Johnny Marr) serve as reminders that this is the major-label incarnation of the group. Isaac Brock’s singing is as fractured as ever, as he shouts and slurs his way through some of his most memorable lyrics in years: “You can say what you want, you’re forgiven / Well happy fucking congratulations.”

A video for “Satellite Skin” has been released, featuring a group of stop-animation tree houses running around a forest. It’s every bit as weird as it sounds, with lots of surreal imagery, including a baby dressed as a monk putting easter eggs into the empty eye sockets of an alien. It’s not clear what (if anything) it’s supposed to mean, but I’m pretty sure that at 2:05, somebody reaches their entire arm inside of a massive vagina.

Watch it here.

“Satellite Skin” is being released on 7″ on May 26, via Epic. The B-side is called “Guilty Cocker Spaniels,” and thanks to Stereogum, you can listen to it now.
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