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They don’t show love

Just like George Harrison, drummer Michael Taylor (middle) is the serious one
In 1984, Spinal Tap appeared on Saturday Night Live, performing the song “Big Bottom” with an instrumental setup that included three bassists plus a bass synth. Of course, the sound was a sludgy mess—perfect for the band’s raunchy lyrics and schlock metal gimmick.

That’s what I thought of when I first heard of Vancouver’s Modern Creatures. Not that the trio’s sound is ugly or schticky (although it definitely is heavy), but the two-bass setup means that there are few well-known reference points to fall back on.

“The Converts” was released last year on the band’s self-titled LP, and it’s a characteristically noisy fuzz punk assault. Still, as raucous as it is, there are also delicate touches: frontwoman Nikki Never adds an eerie harmony during the chorus, while atmospheric bass overdubs warble during the instrumental break.

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MP3: “The Converts”
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