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Matt & Kim – “Let’s Go”

Matt & Kim
Matt & Kim have a new single that I hadn’t gotten around to listening to until just now, and it’s great. “Let’s Go” is a bouncy pop number and the video is another one of the duo’s patented eye-grabbing (yet simple) clips. Check out the fancy basketball tricks below. I have to close my eyes in order to actually listen to the song, since I just get caught up in the dribbling.

Go to Exclaim! to read my story about what the band have coming up.

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Concrete and cracks won’t cut you deals

Just the cutest
Holy hell, Matt & Kim are unbelievable live! I reviewed them for Exclaim! a couple weeks ago and just about lost my mind. I wish I could upload their new single, “Cameras,” but as far as I know it’s not cleared for posting. So I’ll settle for this remix of “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” by Glasnost. Frankly, it’s a little absurd, and is by far the trashiest dance song I’ve ever posted on this blog. Oh well. If you have a time machine, take this one back to 1997, do a bunch of E and wave around a glow stick.

Or you could listen to “Cameras” here, watch some music videos and marvel at how Matt & Kim are just the cutest.

MP3: “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare (Glasnost Remix)”
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Float down Grand Street in daylight

Matt & Kim‘s second album, Grand, is so named for its expansive arrangements, which are significantly more intricate and textured than anything on their 2006 debut. Of course, grandeur is a relative term for Matt & Kim; they’re still just a keyboard ‘n’ drums duo, so don’t go into Grand expecting choirs or lush string arrangements. The group is more subtle (and perhaps too poor) for such bombast, opting instead for nuanced production and a more densely layered sound. The plinky piano and clattering drums of “Daylight” are joined by vocal harmonies and otherworldly synth pads; these production touches transform an otherwise fun tune into a bona fide anthem, and a stunning first single. “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” similarly benefits from richly overdubbed vocals and chirpy keyboards that mimic violins.

As well as upping the production value, Grand offers more in the way of songwriting variety, with several mid-tempo tunes and even one percussion-less ballad (“Turn This Boat Around”). The album’s centrepiece is “Lessons Learned,” which juxtaposes a frenetic beat against half-time vocals and droning keyboards, giving the sense that it’s moving in slow motion. It’s simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting, with dream pop harmonies and lyrics that toe the line between angst and sentimentality (“Thinking ’bout tomorrow won’t change how I feel today”).

Grand comes in at just shy of 30 minutes, including the remix of “Daylight” which is tacked onto the end. But rather than feeling unsatisfying, this brevity makes the album all the more thrilling, There’s not a dud in the bunch, and by the time it’s over, you’ll be ready to listen to it again.

Grand is out now via FADER Label.
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