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Hannah Georgas looks to fulfill her potential

Hannah Georgas & Mark Watrous - The Quarter EP
Whenever I’ve talked about Hannah Georgas, it’s always been in terms of her enormous potential. This isn’t to devalue what’s she’s already done, as The Beat Stuff is an excellent debut, containing two bona fide show stoppers (“The National” and “All I Need”). But while the EP rarely strayed from pleasant folk pop, her explosive live show showed that there was much more to her than just another songstress in the vein of Sarah Harmer or Kathleen Edwards.

Georgas recently issued The Quarter EP, a split 7″ with New York-based rocker Mark Watrous, previewing two songs from her upcoming full-legnth, This Is Good. Both tunes break the mold of her previous recordings, suggesting that her potential may soon be coming to fruition.

The spiky “Chit Chat” bears the stamp of Mother Mother‘s Ryan Guldemond, who co-produced the album with Howard Redekopp. Setting fiery post-punk rock outs against a shimmering bed of strings, Georgas verbally eviscerates an ex-boyfriend, her singing alternating between a whisper and a manic yell. “Deep End” is breezy, banjo-driven pop with a group-sung chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head after only one listen; with lyrics that describe a conversation across a fuzzy pay phone line, it evokes the intimacy of her EP with grander production and catchier melodies. Both tunes bode well for This Is Good, which is due out sometime early next year.

The Mark Watrous side of the EP isn’t quite as compelling as Georgas’s, lacking the same memorable hooks and unique vocals. Still, “Pull Your Train” is a pleasingly atmospheric take on backwoods blues rock, while “The Cellophane Ceiling” is a strange fusion of distortion-soaked punk and jittery prog.

The Quarter EP is out now via Hidden Pony.
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