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Help me back my feet back on the ground

Help them if you can, they're feeling down
Earlier this month, Regina-based powerpop collective Library Voices lost all of their gear in a basement flood. They’re an eight-piece, so that’s a lot of gear. I wrote about the catastrophe for Exclaim! and noted that this marks the second year in a row that the band has lost of its instruments.

Library Voices are currently raising funds to buy new equipment. Not wanting to take without giving something in return, they have posted a stripped-down cover of the Beatles‘ “Help!” on their website. You can download the song for the free and, if you feel so inclined, make a donation to band.

MP3: “Help!”
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Till you’re red in the cheeks

Power pop band or midget wrestling troupe?
About a year ago, I applied to work in the Vancouver Public Library, thinking I might pursue a post-graduate degree in librarianship. Those fuckers never called me back.

Luckily, the Regina power pop band Library Voices called me back when I interviewed guitarist Michael Dawson about the band’s upcoming full-length, Denim on Denim. Head over to Exclaim! to read the article.

The album’s first single is the peppy, soul-infused “Drinking Games,” which is notable for its detail-rich lyrics as well as its awesome, fist-pumping buildups. “Saturday night” indeed.

MP3: “Drinking Games”
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