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Some days but never at night

Kick Evrything plying msic
I’ve been getting messages warning me that this site is almost out of bandwidth for September. It’s a good thing, because it means that I’ve been getting more traffic, but it’s possible that the site will go down at some point in the next two days. Hopefully by making this post I won’t be pushing it over the edge.

Here’s the latest from Vancouver vowel-omitting trio Kick Evrything. The band has a new album out, Stay In/Slow Now, which I reviewed for the Georgia Straight. Below is the simmering robo-rocker “Motion Man.”

The band is touring across Canada in October. See the schedule over at MySpace.

MP3: “Motion Man”
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A sack of skin you’re lacking in

Singer Casey Wei won the limbo contest handily
Remember a couple years ago, when a bunch of Karen O‘s demos leaked online? It seemed like a really exciting idea at first, but the disc didn’t contain as many actual songs as it did random sound doodles.

Vancouver’s Kick Evrything is what you wish those demos had sounded like. This genre-mashing, vowel-omitting duo has found an unlikely common ground between fuzzy blues, sun-scotched folk and jarring electro punk. The opening track off the band’s album This I Is Demented and Possibly Deceased is called “Dusty,” and it’s the bluesiest tune of the lot, a lo-fi acoustic stomp that comes off a bit like a Dead Weather song recorded over an answering machine.

MP3: “Dusty”
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