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Jon McKiel – “Strands”

Jon McKiel
It’s not so long since we last heard from Halifax songwriter Jon McKiel. His new single, “Strands,” reminds me a bit of something that could have appeared on Chad VanGaalen‘s latest LP. It’s slow but noisy, with a straightforward guitar rock style that’s augmented by a subtle undercurrent of weirdness (in this case, distant blips and bleeps that sound as if they’re coming from a mid-’90s home computer). The production is brittle and no-bullshit, and the vocals are hauntingly double-tracked.

Go to Exclaim! to read about McKiel’s upcoming Tonka War Cloud.

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Why do you stand so close to me?

Not a sap
I’ve got a confession: I tend to be kind of dismissive of solo artists. When I hear about a new solo artist, I immediately imagine that he or she (but usually he) is another singer-songwriter in the Jack Johnson mould. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Halifax’s Jon McKiel. Here’s the song “Motion Pictures” from his new EP Confidence Lodge. This isn’t sappy dude-with-acoustic-guitar music. It’s a driving rocker that bristles with lo-fi distortion, distant vocal harmonies and infectious pop hooks. The chorus is catchy as hell, but McKiel only gives us two of them, meaning that the song clocks in at just under two minutes. He could have easily done a third go-around, but his restraint means that you’ll want to listen to this one again.

Incidentally, the track slightly resembles Broken Social Scene, which is about as a far away from sounding like a solo artist as you can possibly get.

MP3: “Motion Pictures”
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