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My heart’s been breaking

Meet them in Montauk
When Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came out in early 2004, I was an eighteen-year-old with a lot of feelings, so it pretty much rocked my world. One of my favourite things about the film was Jon Brion‘s score, in particular the brief guitar ditty “Phone Call.” It’s barely a minute long, but I remember sitting in my dorm room, listening to it over and over and feeling sentimental. (If you don’t know it, check out out here.)

That’s why I’m pretty happy that Memoryhouse sampled the track for the song “Lately (Deuxième).” Singer Denise Nouvio and producer Evan Abeele add some subtle prettiness of their own, but they mostly stay out of the way, allowing the beautiful backing to do its work.

Go to Exclaim! to read my article about Memoryhouse’s upcoming single.

MP3: “Lately (Deuxième)”
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