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Bummer High – “Cough Syrup”

Bummer High
Bummer High includes members of Indian Wars and Timecopz (who I blogged about recently), and the band’s EP Lost Highway is a satisfying slice of infectious garage rock. Below, listen to the swampy stomper “Cough Syrup,” which is laced with snaky spy riffs and psychedelic noise. The reverb-soaked vocals are so woozy and dead-eyed that they sound like they were sung after a few swigs of the titular beverage. Bravo.

Lost Highway is available on cassette through Green Burrito Records.

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I don’t care what my friends say

Bobbing for apples, Indian Wars-style
Considering that’s it’s essentially a niche sport, surfing certainly has enjoyed a rich cultural legacy. After all, it’s difficult to imagine an entire genre of music dedicated to rock climbing.

For one of the most addictive surf guitar licks in recent memory, check out “Carol Anne,” the new single by Vancouver up-and-comers Indian Wars. The tune is an energetic, fuzzy garage rock stomp, but it’s mostly the call-and-response guitar riff that will keep you coming back for more. It’s a ’60s-inspired gem that offers just the right balance of grit and sparkle.

Indian Wars recently issued a 7″ via Bachelor. Soon they’ll be releasing a split 7″ with Fungi Girls via Psychic Lunch/CMRTYZ.

MP3: “Carol Anne”
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