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Humans – “Possession”

I interviewed Vancouver electro duo Humans for this week’s issue of the Georgia Straight, and previous to that wrote a brief Exclaim! piece (which isn’t an interview). The clip for “Possession” is below.

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Humans – “De Ciel”

Humans have a new single out, and it’s a hell of a lot poppier than the last one I posted by the Vancouver electronic duo. Take a listen to “De Ciel” below.

This comes from the upcoming EP Traps. Go to Exclaim! to read more.

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Humans – “The End”

On Sunday, I went to Bon Iver and Jorge Garcia (AKA Hurley from Lost) was sitting a few seats in front of me. Jealous?

On an entirely unrelated note, Vancouver electro duo Humans seem to be gaining a foothold here in their hometown with their sweaty, dance party-inducing live shows. The band’s latest release isn’t exactly a hedonistic club jam, however. “The End” is an instrumental folktronica track with cinematic overtones that range from spaghetti western to blood-curdling slasher.

Below, you can watch the gory (read: totally gross) horror movie-style music video. This track is part of a new two-song single, which you can check out here.

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