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Handsome Furs – “Serve the People”

Handsome Furs
My designer friend Mike Withers (who created this website) and I both agree that Sound Kapital by Handsome Furs is the best album of 2011. What we disagree on, however, is the song “Serve the People.” While he thinks it’s the album’s low point, I think it’s a majestic, power-to-the-people anthem that encapsulates the ragged glory and Springsteen-esque politics that mark much of Boeckner’s best work. It’s a powerful ‘fuck you’ to world leaders who don’t, ahem, serve the people.

Watch the song’s recently unveiled music video below.

I wrote about Sound Kapital for year-end features by Exclaim! and BeatRoute.

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Where did the future go?

Never a boring photo from these two
I take back anything negative I ever implied about Wolf Parade side projects. Dan Boeckner’s new album with Handsome Furs is totally incredible. Here’s “Repatriated,” a banging electro track from Sound Kapital, which is out now through Sub Pop.

I interviewed Boeckner for the Georgia Straight and wrote about the album for The Tyee. Is it too early to start thinking about Polaris 2012?

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Go on and break my heart

This is not one of those arty porn blogs
Last night, I attended what very may well have been the last Wolf Parade show ever. I’ve already written about my mixed feelings regarding Wolf Parade side projects, so I’ll have to see whether Dan Boecker and Spencer Krug can hold my attention with their other projects. Go to Exclaim! to read my review of the band’s farewell gig.

Here’s the latest from Boeckner’s band Handsome Furs. “What About Us” is a synth-spiked electro rocker that combines the songwriter’s usual aggressive sound with ’80s synthpop and minimal techno. It’s my favourite of Boeckner’s non-Wolf Parade songs yet.

This comes from Sound Kapital, due out June 28 through Sub Pop.

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