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I’m gonna leave by morning

If only Ghostkeeper could be this mellow on record
It’s been two years since I was first introduced to Ghostkeeper‘s Children of the Great Northern Murkeg, but I still can’t decide if I like the album or not. The jury’s also out on the band’s new self-titled disc, which takes the band’s quirky blues rock sound into a more complex, experimental direction.

The album offers little in the way of grooves or hooks, sounding constantly on edge with twitchy guitar licks and ramshackle drumming. Frontman/namesake Shane Ghostkeeper sings in a hiccuping croak that’s more percussive than it is melodic.

Check out the single “By Morning,” a brittle blues rocker that suddenly slows down a minute in, just when you expect it to rock out. Despite the disorienting structure, the song features warm soul harmonies that are about as close as the band ever comes to a moment of bona fide pop prettiness.

Of course, Ghostkeeper has been getting some awesome press as of late, so apparently not everyone is so undecided as myself. Listen to the single below and decide for yourself.

MP3: “By Morning”
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