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Franco goes democratic

Franco - ...This Is Franco
Franco initially formed under the name Bridge, at which point the Vancouver group was essentially a vehicle for singer-songwriter Mark Bridgeman. Now, with a four-piece lineup firmly established, the band is releasing its first album under its new name, the simply titled …This Is Franco.

Despite Franco’s one-man origins, there’s no mistaking this seven-song collection as anything other than the work of a democratically-operating band. Opening song “Forever” begins as a strummy folk rocker, but after the second chorus moves into an instrumental jam that gives keyboardist Andrew Rasmussen an electric piano solo that last nearly a minute. The rhythm section takes over on “Crowded House,” shifting from a pattering marching beat to an easy-going bounce to a steady rock groove, all within the first seventy seconds.

Of course, Bridgeman is still the group’s primary draw, his emotive vocals and jangly guitar licks providing the hooks that anchor each song. The sweetly nostalgic “A Quiet Love” is the highlight of the collection, its shimmering chord progression giving way to an epic half-time chorus.

It’s also worth noting that Franco is part of the proceeds towards Kids Help Phone. Which is especially notable considering that, now that the group is a four-piece, any profits are already being split four ways.

…This Is Franco is available now at Indie Pool.
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