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A dying man without a chance

Flying V of Foxes
I’ve got no clue who or what Kinzie is, but “Battery Kinzie” is a hell of a tune. It’s a lush baroque folk track by Fleet Foxes. It appears on the band’s new album Helplessness Blues. I’m going to see the Pixies play Doolittle tonight. This is pretty much the exact opposite of that.

I wrote a story about the LP for Exclaim! and did a show review. Sophomore slump? Hell no.

Thanks to One Thirty BPM for the stream.

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If I had an orchard

The room was so expensive that they couldn't afford enough chairs
At first, I couldn’t quite make up my mind about this one. The new single by Fleet Foxes, sounds similar to their self-titled debut (and the Sun Giant EP), with a lush acoustic sound that combines baroque Brit-folk with the rich harmonies of Laurel Canyon rock. But while the lyrics usually took a back seat on the band’s previous material, this time they’re prominent, even intrusive.

Most songwriters write lyrics after the melody is already finished. But here, singer Robin Pecknold sounds a bit like he’s trying to stuff his already-written words into the cadence. He occasionally hangs on the same note for several words at a time, as if he doesn’t quite know what do with each syllable. On first listen, you might be turned off by the awkward first lyric: “I was raised up believing I was somehow unique / Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes / Unique in each way you can see.”

Things get better as they keep going, however. The lyrics that follow aren’t as clichéd as this opening simile, and by the time the backing vocals join in, you’ll realize that this actually sounds a bit like “White Winter Hymnal.”

Hot damn, I think they’ve done it again.

MP3: “Helplessness Blues”
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