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Jay Arner – “Bad Friend”

Jay Arner
Local boob Jay Arner just released a new 7″. It feels a little strange to write about it here because I play bass and sing backup on the track, and even appear on the artwork (I’m the weird-looking one). So I have zero objectivity when I say that it’s a good track.

Get it on Bandcamp.

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Go ahead, envy me, I’m rap’s MVP

Elaborately staged promo shot
Here’s one of the best rap hooks I’ve heard in ages. It comes from a Vancouver pop musician, Jay Arner. A member of Fine Mist as well as an occasional solo artist, he used to lead a band called International Falls. In 2008, that band released a remix album, which mashed up songs from the LP Achievement with rap and R&B tracks by Kanye West, R. Kelly and more.

Here’s the International Falls remix of “Hate It or Love It,” originally by the Game with 50 Cent. This version improves on the already-awesome original with a catchy-as-hell chord progression and jaunty drum loop. This is a hip-hop track that’s sure to win over the indie kids.

MP3: “Hate It or Love It”
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Is this acrylic or oil?

Is that me?
When Jay Arner of Fine Mist sent me his new song, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to share. But today it went up on Exclaim!, so I guess that means it’s okay. It’s a soaring pop rocker, laden with sparkling synths, psychedelic harmonies and triumphantly stomping beats. If you dug his previous solo work, this one is sure to hit the spot too.

Also, the song has a reference to West Vancouver. I grew up there (and got the hell out of these as fast as possible), so it’s nice to hear it immortalized in song.

MP3: “Don’t Remind Me”
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The radio hums on the CBC

Watch out for the big rock
The weekend before last, I went to watch Grant Lawrence‘s book launch in Sechelt, BC (long story). The evening featured a stripped-down acoustic performance from Tailor Island, led by former Octoberman contributor Peter Doig.

On recordings, Tailor Island also features Jeremy Fisher and both members of Fine Mist. The band just released its self-titled debut album, which is available as a free download over at Bandcamp.

If you want a sample from the collection, you can download the “The Town” below (which is one of the two songs he played at the book launch). It’s a nostalgic folk tune that suddenly morphs into a rocker in the final minute

MP3: “The Town”
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Making out with other people

Blown away as a fine mist
The last time I wrote, I had the flu. Just as I was starting to get better, my computer got a sympathy illness and broke. Now I have a new one and I’m ready to get back on the blogging train.

Here’s another song from Vancouver synthpop duo Fine Mist. “Murder Murder” is the only track on the new LP, Public Domain, that contains real drums. While it begins with the usual electro beats and synth accompaniment, it culminates in a multi-kit drum circle, including a contribution from Japandroids drummer David Prowse.

I’ve written about Fine Mist a few times lately. I did a profile for The Tyee, included a mini-review in my coverage of Olio Festival for Exclaim!, and spoke with both members briefly for the Georgia Straight.

MP3: “Murder Murder”
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Drink from the fountain

My doppleganger
Everyone should listen to Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Jay Arner. To make things easier, I have broken my argument down into three parts:

1) He plays synth in Fine Mist. I recently posted the band’s awesome new single.

2) He writes stellar solo songs and posts them for free on his blog. Here’s the soaring “Uncoverers,” which comes from the digital EP Bird of Prey (download the four-song collection here). It features Jay Ferguson from Sloan on backup vocals.

3) He a lot like me. Seriously. Here’s me. Here’s him.

MP3: “Uncoverers”
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A week and a half in your heart

Fine Mist on a cosmic voyage
Here’s one of my favourite dancefloor-fillers of the year so far. It’s called “Start or Stop” and it comes from Vancouver electropop duo Fine Mist. Producer Jay Arner’s infectious beats and buzzing synths provide the perfect counterpoint to frontwoman Megan McDonald’s dramatic vocals, as she vents her romantic angst and concludes, “I should just drink instead.”

Go to Exclaim! to read my recent interview with Arner and McDonald and get the scoop on their upcoming album.

MP3: “Start or Stop”
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