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I don’t write love songs

Under the studio lights, fanshaw burned within minutes
In the ’00s, Mint Records was the undisputed champion of Western Canadian record labels. A few years ago, however, the New Pornagraphers jumped ship to Matador, meaning that Mint’s supremacy over the next ten years is far from guaranteed.

The label is getting the decade off to a good start with Dark Eyes, the solo debut from Choir Practice member fanshaw. Due out on February 9, it’s a sparse, haunting collection that I’ve had on regular rotation over the past week or so.

Most of the album’s nine tracks feature little instrumentation other than a chiming electric guitar and a pattering beat, meaning that the piano chords of “Strong Hips” sound almost impossibly lush by comparison. She begins the song by claiming, “I’ve got a lot of music in me,” later admitting, “I don’t write love songs.” Get out your headphones, because this one is perfect for late night listening.

Incidentally, Dark Eyescover art reminds me of the famous portrait of Victorian writer Emily Brontë. Which is appropriate, I suppose, given fanshaw’s fondness for ghostly, gothic creep-outs.

MP3: “Strong Hips”
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