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Astral Swans – “You Carry a Sickness”

Astral Swans - You Carry a Sickness/Park Street
I interviewed Dan Mangan about his new label, Madic Records, for the Georgia Straight. His first release through the label will be a 7″ single from Astral Swans. “You Carry a Sickness” is a minimal indie rock track that sounds a bit like the music he used to make under the name Extra Happy Ghost!!!, and that’s definitely a good thing.

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Gold – “Lose Your Hair”

When I interviewed Matthew Swann of Extra Happy Ghost!!!/Astral Swans for Exclaim! recently, he revealed that he has also been playing in the Calgary jangle pop band Gold.

The fast yet dreamy (and altogether lovely) tune “Lose Your Hair is below.” This recorded features the late Chris Reimer of Women on drums.

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Astral Swans – “Holly”

Astral Swans
Here’s a moody song called “Holly” by Astral Swans, which is the new project of Extra Happy Ghost!!!‘s Matthew Swann. I included Extra Happy Ghost!!! on my ballot for the Polaris Music Prize, so obviously I’m intrigued by his latest, more electronic-leaning project.

Go to Exclaim! to read my interview with him about what he’s got going on lately.

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Mostly I’ll never harm you

Yup, that's the lyric right there
Chad VanGaalen is full of surprises these days. The biggest surprise? That he’s releasing such simple, straightforward music. He’s already put out Diaper Island this year, which was his most down-to-earth album yet.

His production work on the debut Extra Happy Ghost!!! record, Modern Horses, is similarly no-bullshit. Go to Exclaim! to read my review of the album, and also check out my interview with Extra Happy Ghost!!! mastermind Matthew Swann.

Below is another song from that album, “Mercy, Mercy.”

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What’s behind those beautiful eyelids?

Don't worry, be happy
It’s summer, obviously. Yesterday was the longest day of the year. I walked around at sunset and knew that it’s all downhill from here.

But still, summer! Today I spearheaded an Exclaim! article about the most anticipated albums of the summer. It includes Modern Horses by Calgary’s Extra Happy Ghost!!!, which was produced by Chad VanGaalen. Listen to the pensively rocking “So at One” below. A gorgeous female harmony adds a dash of brightness to this awesomely gloomy pop tune, which sounds like an experimental and reverb-heavy take on ’90s alt. rock.

Speaking of summer, I wrote an article about the Vancouver Canadians baseball team for The Tyee. Summer!

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