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Can you give me higher connection?

California dreaming
Summer’s pretty much done. I mean, it’s still August, but the weather here in Vancouver has turned chilly, and it’s starting to feel more like fall.

For those still in denial, here’s the latest from Eternal Summers. It’s a sleepy Sunday morning jam and it comes from a free compilation by BEKO. Download it below and mourn the passing of time. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may and all that shit.

I found this one on Gorilla vs. Bear. Go here to read my past blog on Eternal summers.

MP3: “Pure Affection”
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Are you able to?

See? Not that summery.
Summer nostalgia is the overriding aesthetic of lo-fi music these days, as artists like Wavves and Best Coast evoke the July long weekend with blasts of sunburnt fuzz and warm beach pop harmonies.

Despite a name that suggests otherwise, Eternal Summers don’t have much in common with this crowd. Sure, they favour lo-fi recordings with buried vocals and plenty of reverb. And yes, they have a video that looks like this. But songs like “Able To” eschew gauzy pop in favour of crisp guitar chords and a straight-forward alt-rock groove. Meanwhile, frontwoman Nicole Yun sings in a breathy voice that recalls Ottawa folkie Kathleen Edwards (although I’m not sure if anyone outside of Canada has ever heard of Edwards, so that’s probably just a coincidence).

Perhaps it’s best that Eternal Summers distance themselves from the beach pop crowd—they are from Virginia after all.

MP3: “Able To”
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