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It’s so sexy to be living in America

Guys, the camera is over here
I was only out of town for eleven days, but in that time, Dom seems to have blown up. That is if getting props from Stereogum and Pitchfork counts as “blowing up,” which, let’s be honest, it does. Much of it is thanks to the new single “Living in America,” a patriotic-but-probably-ironic electropop ditty about the joys of doing the thing that the title says.

I don’t like this one quite as much as the previous Dom tune I posted, but if you’re into obnoxiously catchy indie pop anthems that sound like Republican Party jingles, this one could be right up your alley.

MP3: “Living in America”
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Make yourself an island

Post-coital band photo, probably
Dom might want to think about changing the name. After all, the Worcester, MA band doesn’t want to give DOOM any reason to break out his BFG and kick some ass. (To understand that joke, you need to be familiar with both contemporary underground hip-hop and classic video gaming. Niche!)

Then again, maybe Dom doesn’t give a shit. After after, its new song proudly instructs listeners to “Burn bridges / Make yourself an island” over a dreamscape of starry-eyed synths and steady dance beats. For a song about social isolation, it sure is pleasant-sounding.

MP3: “Burn Bridges”
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