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Isn’t it funny? Don’t ya think?

For reasons I can no longer exactly recall, I used to be obsessed with Dave Matthews Band. During high school, I spent an entire year listening to almost nothing else, and there are few albums I’ve ever listened to as many times as Under the Table and Dreaming. Since that time, however, any enjoyment I have received from DMB has been purely sentimental; still, nostalgia is a strong incentive, and so I continue to follow the band, regardless of the fact that I don’t really like the music.

DMB has a new album, the unfortunately-titled Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, due out on June 2, and its first single, “Funny the Way It Is,” was released today. The horns are conspicuously absent, due to the tragic passing of saxophonist Leroi Moore last year, and the band cranks the electric guitars to compensate for the absence. Stylistically, it falls somewhere in between the group’s jam band roots and the pop sheen of its more recent works—it has an immediately singable chorus, but still makes room for noodling instrumental sections and a violin solo.

Despite being catchy, the song is hindered by clunky lyrics, with half-baked philosophizing about the sometimes-sweet/sometimes-bitter nature of life (“Somebody’s going hungry and someone else is eating out”). It’s all a bit like rain on your wedding day. Isn’t it ironic? Still, Carter Beauford is a monster behind the drums, and there’s enough going on to make the song an interesting listen for a DMB sentimentalist such as myself.

The song is available here in exchange for an e-mail address.
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